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Family Photographers Scottsdale


Capturing cherished images, precious moments and milestones in the lives of families is a responsibility I take seriously as one of the leading professional family photographers serving Scottsdale.

Equipped with some of the finest high-tech equipment and years of experience, I enjoy the challenge of creating an amazing and unique experience for families while keeping sessions fun! What to wear? Even that is simple.

Wear what you want, and what feels comfortable because your photos should reflect everything about you at this moment in time.

I offer sessions that include:

  • In studio – traditional or classic for smaller units of up to 4 persons
  • On location – lightly posed outdoor adventure
  • Lifestyle – blends natural, playful real-life positive energy
  • Special indoor or outdoor arrangements for large groups or multiple families
  • …pets are welcome!

Call for additional information or to schedule a session. I look forward to getting to know you!

Family Photography Scottsdale


Even though our mobile devices are able to capture spontaneous moments with memories attached to them, professional photography is how our legacy is preserved for generations. If you are searching for family photography in Scottsdale to mark a moment in time, call my studio.

I have years of experience and an incredible love for both artistry and photography. For those who prefer a relaxed outdoor session, I can capture images of real-life situations, events or milestones that tell your story in a natural and authentic way.

If you prefer something more traditional and posed, I can create an amazing collection that captures your unique characteristics, personalities and expressions of love for one another in a fun way!

In meeting my commitment to excellence with every session, I incorporate the use of:

  • Superior in-studio portrait lighting and backdrops
  • The finest outdoor area locations
  • Top-end camera equipment that allows me to move and interact
  • Only the best photo labs
  • Highest quality products available
  • Posing expertise that avoids over-staging

Call my studio to schedule a session for documenting memories and milestones you will treasure for a lifetime!

Portraits Scottsdale


As a professional photographer, my commitment is to capture your most cherished moments as you are today, and to make it an amazing experience with lots of fun for everyone!

With so many important milestones in the lives of our children, they deserve to be captured with portraits for Scottsdale families and preserved for future generations.

While also being an artist at heart, I have a tremendous passion for preserving special moments in time with inspiring portraits that connect who you are with loved ones who came before.

It would be an honor and privilege to create beautiful portraits to capture memories, to tell your story, and to use:

  • As personalized art throughout your home
  • To create individualized albums for children and other loved ones
  • As gifts for grandparents, uncles and aunts, and close friends
  • As creative covers for your annual holiday cards

Call Laura Miller Photography to learn how we can preserve your memories for the days you may not remember. 480-826-3179

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