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Newborn Baby with Mother Photos Chandler


Bringing a child into this world is nothing short of amazing. From the moment you realize you are pregnant to the second you hear the first cry seems to go by quickly and so will those first few months after your baby is born. Preserve them in photos.

Laura Miller Photography is the choice of Chandler, AZ moms to do just that. As a mother of three and an amazing photographer, she understands the importance of this time and will capture it beautifully.

Newborn baby pictures need to be taken within the first 14 days after their birth. Call to schedule before your baby is born.

Knowing babies have their own time schedules, we will adjust the date as necessary. Bring you and your baby to the studio. No need for anything else, except food and diapers! Babies are most comfortable when:

  • The photo session is conducted slowly
  • Had a warm bath before arriving
  • Has a full tummy

Newborn and Mother Photos Chandler


Our newborn and mother photos capture the moments you want to remember. Your photographs are not just photos, we are actually documenting that special moment so you remember each and every one.

The photo session generally includes:

  • Pre-session consultation
  • 1-3-hour photo session
  • 10-25 digital images

With our different packages to choose from, Chandler moms will find the right one that fits. You can choose between the Legacy session, the Freshie session or the Baby’s First Year session. Each offer something a bit different.

Give us a call and learn more about these special sessions and what will fit for you.

Mother and Newborn Child Photography Chandler


When it comes to newborn and mother photos, mommies often hesitate to pose because they do not believe they look their best. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mother and newborn photography is about showcasing the first stage of your life with the young one. Nothing is more precious.

We are proud to be the first choice for Chandler moms to capture this very special time. A personalized approach is taken with every photography session.

Taking pictures of newborns is an art. Our commitment to excellence, the safety, and comfort of the newborn and the mother are paramount in what we do.

You can count on:

  • Appreciation for the opportunity
  • Custom newborn photography
  • A personalized approach

For the best in newborn and mother photos in Chandler call Laura Miller Photography at (480) 826-3179.

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