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As newborn photographers serving Chandler, we specialize in this area of photography that requires a different approach than more traditional portraiture.With years of experience and training working with newborns, we are aware of the special talent and care required for safety.

Our success in capturing the most precious images of these tiny miracles is due in part to our:

  • Understanding that best images are frequently unplanned and infant-inspired
  • Ability to successfully and comfortably transition from one pose to another
  • Desire to stay in the moment to capture stretches, yawns and movement
  • Artistic ability to capture unique close-ups of wispy hair, toes, and pouty lips
  • Relaxed attitude in remaining flexible because infants are largely in control
  • Ability to soothe an unsettled or restless infant

We understand the importance of preserving these precious and irreplaceable moments that can never be replicated.

Call us today to learn more about our unique ability to capture the beauty of these fleeting moments.

Newborn Photography Chandler


Whether your preference is natural and perfectly organic, or formal and posed newborn portraiture, we can capture the most delicate features in perfect detail!

As a mother, I can relate to this extraordinary and most exciting time in the lives of new parents. We count it a privilege to capture and preserve these precious moments for you and the generations to come.

That being said, I am an artist at heart working diligently to integrate artistry and photography. I am in the business of preserving your legacy, and my purpose is to help tell your beautiful story with custom newborn photography in Chandler that focuses on:

  • Capturing the pure innocence of your tiny infant
  • Preserving your family legacy for generations to come
  • Chronicling and memorializing signature features you love
  • Capturing fleeting moments during first weeks of life that can never be replicated

Selecting the right timeframe is essential. Our sessions are typically done in the first 14 days of life when infants are flexible and agile for curling-up poses, and easy to adjust.

Call us to preserve some of the most precious and heartfelt moments you can cherish forever!

Newborn Pictures Chandler


To create unforgettable newborn pictures in Chandler, I look for opportunities to let the session unfold organically, allowing me to capture unplanned images that are inspired by the uniqueness of your tiny infant.

Being creative plays a major role in capturing the most beautiful features of your precious little masterpiece. In addition to the basic poses of back, tummy and side, we are conscious of being in the moment when your infant exercises some of the most beautiful and sweet movements.

We also like to highlight the beauty of your newborn by capturing precious details such as:

  • Tiny toes, fingers, hands and feet
  • Full lips
  • Chubby back rolls
  • Occasional smiles
  • Beautiful eyes and eyelashes
  • Adorable dimples
  • Wispy or full head of hair

We take great delight in capturing the beauty and innocence of your newborn that will bring lifelong joy to you and for generations to come.

Call Laura Miller Photography today with your questions, or to schedule a photo session! 480-826-3179

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