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laura-newborn-sessionsThe Laura Miller Photography studio is located in northeast Rochester. Newborn sessions take place at the studio, or for an additional travel fee, Laura can come to you using her portable studio (within Rochester and immediate surrounding areas).

Laura’s newborn sessions MUST be done in the first 14 days of life, preferably between 5 and 10 days old. After 14 days baby is generally less sleepy and harder to pose. Ideally, your session should be booked* while still in your last trimester of pregnancy and scheduled for about a week after your due date. That date will be penciled in and adjusted when baby arrives. It is very important to contact Laura when the baby is born so that the appointment can be confirmed. A simple call, text or email will do.

Sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours to allow for comforting, feeding, diaper changes, etc. Newborns photograph best in their natural state so no need to provide clothes, or anything other than your beautiful baby. Laura will take care of the rest. That being said, anything you can do to help ensure that baby is sleepy just before your appointment is helpful - a full belly is a must and a bath just prior to appointment time does wonders!

laura-children-and-toddlersFor babies and children (older than 14 days), the studio is a good choice as Laura has many props to choose from. However, an on-location photo session at your home or a nearby park is fun and often times more enjoyable for the little ones. Laura will speak with you at length to determine what you would like to achieve for your portraits. She recommends allowing up to 1-2 hours (2-3 hours for newborns) for your child’s photographs to be taken. Her goal is to bring to light your child’s true personality through play and interaction, and then capture those priceless moments. Since forced smiles and awkward poses are just that.. forced and awkward, expect play breaks, potty breaks and snack breaks to be all part of the session. Sometimes those moments create the best images.


laura-family-portraitsFor families and high school seniors, an on-location photo session is the way to go, as the studio has its space limitations. Again, a phone consultation will determine your needs so that we are on the same page. There are plenty of locations in the east valley that would make great backdrops for a family portrait or senior portraits - sometimes the unconventional ones are the best! The early morning and early evening hours work best for outdoor photographs.

What to wear... what to wear... The age-old question of what to wear is actually kind of simple. Wear what you want, what feels comfortable to you, and what you want your photos to reflect about you during this time in your life. Laura encourages bold colors, patterns and accessories (if that’s you). If you prefer a more classic feel, wear simple, plain clothing with similar color tones or complimentary colors such as everyone in various shades of creams, browns, greens or blues, etc. Avoid clothing with name brands, large lettering or pictures on them as this can detract from the child or adult and give the photographs a dated look.

Feel free to bring along items you would like your child to be photographed with. If he or she is into princesses or superheroes, bring along the outfits and accessories to make it fun! If your high school senior is into sports or plays a musical instrument - bring along those items, as this is who they are right now.. today, and it’s what you will want to remember.

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