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laura-miller-photography-contactIn 2011, Laura Miller Photography was born out of the pure, unapologetic love and admiration for all things baby. Although those words just don’t do justice to how I feel... I’ll move on. After giving birth to my third and last child in 2002, I began taking steps toward the career that had been calling since my teen years. Once kindergarten started I decided to take the plunge from decades of office work to my dream photography career. Of course, there was no question what my field of specialty would be.

Being an artist at heart, I now work diligently to integrate photography and artistry as I see it. I love simplicity but I’m drawn toward texture. I’m constantly amazed by light and its ability to influence our surroundings and moods, and I’m captivated by the concept of creating something.

That being said, I’m in the business of preserving your legacy. Plain and simple. My purpose is to help tell your story. After all, your belly will only look this particular way once, your newborn will only fit in your arms this way for what seems like minutes, and your toddler may soon grow out of the signature look you love. So many mothers skip the opportunity to do a maternity session simply because they feel they don’t look good. Likewise, some rather not participate in photos with their newborn for the same reason. I feel strongly that this is a big mistake, one that I made and I am living to regret. Sometimes women forget how beautiful pregnancy is and how important it will one day be for their children to see photos of their beautiful pregnant mommies and know they were inside that gorgeous belly. It’s my privilege to document those moments that will come and go before you know it. You get to live it - so chronicle it, memorialize it!

I realize custom photography is not for everyone. The time and investment on the part of both parties, while not insignificant, is well worth the reward of meaningful art that is meant to be prominently displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime. It’s not a quick in and out session. There is much planning and vision behind every single session and I take a personalized approach to your experience. I want you to be comfortable, to know what you’re getting, and most of all, I want you to be thrilled with the process and result of creating your memories.

Custom newborn photography is a distinct specialty that I take very seriously. Your baby will be in the arms of someone that is experienced in both photographing newborns and   motherhood! Someone that has endless love and appreciation for very small, fragile and unique little humans. I am insanely committed to the safety, comfort and capturing the most artistic side of your little angel.

My genuine commitment to excellence means that I use the best photo labs and quality products available and that I operate ethically, continually seek further education in my specialty, and always keep my clients’ utmost satisfaction in mind.  Please consider this your personal invitation to contact me and get to know me. Have a look around my website - I hope my love for what I do shines through and that you see the value in creating unforgettable art featuring you and your little masterpiece.


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